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White Tallit with Sky Blue Stripes by Galilee Silks

This white woolen Tallit features blue stripes with silver thread, an embroidered Atarah with a patterned trim border, a kippah and matching Tallit bag.

There is a mitzvah, or commandment, in Judaism for men to wear to fringes on a four-cornered garment. In the modern age, it is uncommon for people to wear this type. So in order to fulfill this mitzvah, men wear a garment on themselves known as Tzitzit and attach fringes with the same name to the garment. In addition to this, men also wear a four-cornered garment called a Tallis during prayer services.

Depending on the community, the Tallit may be worn from the age of 7, Bar Mitzvah or after marriage. In some communities, the Tallit is also used in a wedding ceremony, being worn by the groom or used as the canopy used in the Chuppah service.
Material Lana
Dimensiones 18" x 72"
Tiempo estimado de ejecución: 3-6 Días Laborales.
El tiempo de procesamiento de su orden es el número estimado de días que le llevará a su orden ser preparada para su envío desde nuestro centro de cumplimiento con sede en Israel.

White Tallit with Sky Blue Stripes by Galilee Silks

This Tallit is made from quality wool by leading Tallit makers in northern Israel, Galilee Silks. Included with the Tallit is a matching kippah and Tallit bag for a complete Tallit set. The white wool is decorated with sky blue stripes trimmed and interwoven with silver thread. The embroidered Atarah features a Hebrew blessing for donning a prayer shawl and is trimmed with a decorative steel patterned border, which also frames the corner reinforcements.

This stylish and beautiful Tallit set is a terrific gift for a Bar Mitzvah.